— Intéligos Express presents JBL Professional

martes, 8 de marzo de 2022

Discover more about Harman's new line of JBL Professional speakers now available at Intéligos Express.

At Intéligos Express we are excited to welcome Harman's JBL Professional family of products to the online shopping portfolio! Starting on February 2022, our customers can enjoy a reliable and efficient shopping experience with available products from the JBL Professional speaker family.

JBL Professional offers high-fidelity audio solutions at an efficient price, its series of products are easy to install to create a wide variety of applications in the commercial field. Its technological advantages allow us to deliver products with highly sensitive drivers that offer maximum level sound using a minimum amplifier power. Its contemporary grill design allows for the elegance and performance needed to complete commercial applications that do not require a backcan for installation.

JBL Professional speakers ensure superior acoustic performance and combine high-response capability, high fidelity, and a clean functional design for any commercial audio application. At Intéligos Express you can now find the following families of JBL Professional products available for immediate delivery:

  • Ceiling and wall recessed speakers

  • Ceiling speakers

  • Surface installation speakers

  • Landscape Speakers

  • Subwoofers

With this new family of products at Intéligos Express, our customers can design complete audio systems for their applications with the confidence that they are supported by the quality of leading speaker manufacturers.